Carol & John Llewellyn
Athens banner 2
Greece 2006
back in Athens
The B&R trip ended with an early morning arrival in Pireás, the port for Athens. Back to the Grande Bretagne as our base for further exploration of the city.
Pireas sunrise on the Aegean National Gardens Athens
(above left) Entering port of Pireás. (above middle) Sunrise as we approach Pireás. (above right) National park in Athens. (Below left) Subway station near parliament. (below middle) Good food, good wine, good company. (below right) At Temple of Olympian Zeus.
Subway station John at lunch John & Carol at Temple of Olympian Zeus
Carol with car changing of the guard
(above left) View to the sea from Agios Gerogios. The Acropolis is on the right and the parliament building and national park are in the middle left. (above middle) Carol is intrigued by something other than her Mini. (above right) Changing of the guard at Greece's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (below) Teachers were demonstrating for a 45% pay hike. The firetruck was back in case things got out of hand. And, if things really got wild, police with riot gear were down many side streets around parliament.
teacher protest march fire truck at Parliament building police with riot gear
taxis in Athens Parthenon through Hadrian's arch Carol in rain
(above left) Private cars are only allowed in the central city on an odd-even cycle, so taxis are plentiful, but not all have meters. (above middle) The Parthenon seen through Hadrian's Arch. (above right) A short, but light, rain. (below left) Athen's First Cemetery. (below middle) Finally, getting a flight home from Heathrow. (below right) After flight problems in Athens, more problems in Heathrow resulting in many hours in the lounge and our bags showing up one at a time over a period of days. (bottom row) More food!
Athens First Cemetery John boarding plane John & Spotless in the British Air lounge
food bread and wine desert