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Greece 2006
thíra aka Santorini
We land on the island of Santorini—actually it was renamed Thíra more than a decade ago, but the old name persists. This island is a favorite stop for big cruise ships and the town of Fira looks like that—many tourist shops! But, we go beyond that to walk from Thira north to the much smaller town of Oia where we have a delightful lunch and then take a boat back to the Calisto at Thira.
Santorini We venture back up the cable car for dinner and have another wonderful meal. By then, most of the cruise ship passengers are back on their big boats, leaving the city to us (and the very touristy shops). cable car from port
on the road to Oia John pouring beer Carol in Oia
John in Oia Carol descending to Oia
boats in Oia John & Carol cooking fish in Oia
Oia from the water food Fira harbor