Carol & John Llewellyn
Amorgos banner
Greece 2006
After the Calisto docked in Aegiali on the island of Amorgos, our hike went from the hillside town of Tholaria cross country to Langada. We liked Amorgos so well, that it got a second page of pictures!
entering Amorgos Amorgos steps Carol above Amorgos
(above left) Pulling in to Aegiali on Amorgos, we can see the town of Tholaria high on the hill.
(above center) Tholaria is full of steps! above right Looking back down on Aegiali from Tholaria.
(below left) Ready to start the hike. below center Carol with her trusty walking stick. (below right) Ovens on houses in Tholaria.
John & Carol outside Tholaria Carol in Amorgos ovens
cemetery near Tholaria, Amorgos cemetery walls on hillside
(above) Of course we found the local cemetery in Tholaria. (above right) Old stone walls divide the baren landscape. (below left) An old, burned out and abandoned truck. (below center) John with guide Gena. (below right) the trail from Tholaria to Langada.
burned out truck John & guide Gena trail on side of hill
Carol with horse cows in brush donkey on trail
(above) We found all kinds of critters on the trail.
(below) Approaching Langada and touring the town.
(bottom row, center) We found another cemetery high on the side of a cliff. (bottom row, right) Returning to Aegiali after lunch, we walked around town and paused for a cup of coffee.
approaching Langada steps Langada
dock at Aegiali cemetery in cliff Carol in cafe