Carol & John Llewellyn
Tilos banner
Greece 2006
Our second stop with the Calisto was at Lavadia on the island of Tilos. Since there is only one road across the island, its the same route out & back—and it makes it hard to get lost. (far left) The bikes are unloaded from the Calisto. (left) Carol consults with Gina about the route. (right) And we're off to the other side of the island.
bicycles next to the Calisto Carol going over route instructions with Guide Gina Biking on Tilos
road to coast John on bike Carol biking downhill
Road back to Livadia Its downhill now, but we have to come back up it to get home!Having made it down the road back to Lavadia where the Calisto is docked (left), we pause by the bay (right). John & Carol
Before lunch, we're treated to a demonstration of how to cook stuffed grape leaves by island women. (below left) Night falls and the celebration begins with Greek dancing—first with the guides and then with a roasted goat. (They claimed it was lamb, but does that look like a lamb's head?)
cooking demonstration Night in Tilos
Greek wine
dancing with roasted goat Dancing with roast goat B&R guides dancing
cooked goat head
Carol with tray of goat meat
dinner in Tilos