Carol & John Llewellyn
Rhodes banner
Greece 2006
From Athens we flew to Rhodes to begin the sea part of our journey. After being met at the airport by the rest of our guides, we took a bus to the old city of Rhodes.
moat around Rhodes street in Rhodes entrance to Old City of Rhodes
The old walled city of Rhodes had a moat (above), but it was never filled with water.   The fortified entrance to the city shows how it could repel invaders.
Rhodes street in Rhodes John & Carol in Rhodes
Rhodes harbor Rhodes; arch over street Rhodes market place
We roamed the city before lunch, seeing the alleged site of the Collasas of Rhodes and the tourist shoping area (above, right). After lunch, we headed for the harbor to board the Calisto (below, left).
The Calisto in port On board the Calisto Greek wine bottle wine bottle