Carol & John Llewellyn
Athens Acropolis
Greece October 2006
Our Greek adventure began with two days in Athens to adjust to the time change before joining a Butterfield & Robinson hiking and biking trip to small Greek islands.
Carol at lunch John at  lunch shoppers
(above) After settling into the hotel, we set off to start our epicurean journey through Greece. We found our way through crowded streets to find a charming little restaurant where the owner was proud to be the third generation of the family to run it.
(below left) The Acropolis dominates the city. (below middle) Hadrian's Arch is one of the prominent landmarks along Andre Sigrou road. Athens cleaned up for the Olympics and in many places, work is still in progress. (below right)
Acropolis in background Hadrian's arch old building
Temple of Olympian Zeus Carol & John iin front of the Parthenon Temple of Hephaestus
(above left) Temple of Olympian Zeus. (above middle) On the Acropolis, in front of the Parthenon. (above right) Temple of Hephaestus, on the edge of Thisseo Park. (below left) Carol in Athens market. (below middle) The ancient cemetery of Kerameikós. (below right) The Greek Parliament building from our hotel room. The fire truck was only parked there on days when demonstrations were planned. (bottom row) Food, what else! The meat market. Greek salad. Beet salad. Desert (although we actually had it for breakfast). Tomato balls and musaka.
Kerameikos ancient cemetery Greek Parlament Building
meat market in Athens Greek salad beet salad desert
tomato balls