Carol & John Llewellyn
helicopter banner
Grand Canyon 2005
Las Vegas (Lost Wages) isn't something to gravitate to—noise, smoke, crowds, no reality—but, duty can call (an ICFA convention), so one must make the most of it. We did—by an escape to the Grand Canyon via helicopter. (below, left) The "chopper" takes off. (below, middle) Carol isn't flying the thing, but is having a great time. (below right) Lake Las Vegas.
Hoover Dam The lower entry of the Grand Canyon Back on solid ground! And, a rare picture of drinking beer out of a bottle! (of course there wasn't an alternative).
yes, we were met by horses to be taken to lunch in a wagon. Our ride returns after lunch. And, we're off on the return trip.
(below, left) the not-to-be-recommended Hilton is behind the spire of the Stratosphere (below, middle) the Las Vegas Strip looking north (below, right) our air chariot and back to the town we really didn't want to be in!