Carol & John Llewellyn
Venice banner
Venice 2004

Let the exploration begin! Though rain was threatened, we weren't daunted. Up the Grand Canal (left), over the Ponte dell' Academia (bridge) and into the Dorsoduro area to the Guggenheim Museum (middle, left). Ever wonder if they have to repair the canals? Well, they do. So, they just build dams and put in pumps because they can't keep all the water back (middle, right).

Carol had voluntarily taken the responsibility for having good weather on the entire trip. Which worked wonderfully on the biking portion. But, today we did get a little wet as you can see (bottom row).

After drying out at the hotel, we headed back to Piazza San Marco to take in the sights. Not sure why they put up with all of those pigeons (below, right), but most of the tourists seem to love 'em. The restaurants on the Piazza have great views with prices to match! But, the end-of-the-day sunlight on San Marco after the rain earlier in the day was spectacular (below, left). As night fell, we were off to pizza and Italian wine.