Carol & John Llewellyn
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Parma Biking Wednesday June 16, 2004
Parma to Reggio Nell'Emilia via Montechiarugolo 51.6 km
The day began with a walking tour of Parma. The ornate cathedral, or Duomo, is noted for the interior of the dome being decorated with an Assumption painting by Corregio(left and right).

After the tour, it was back to the bikes. We pedaled through more agricultural areas on our way to lunch.
Along the way to lunch, we attempted to solve two puzzlements. First, what made the wheat lay down in the field. John looked(above), but didn't discover. Second, Carol wanted to know what the mystery plant was that we saw in many fields(above right)(still no idea). Lunch was at a farm house where we saw a demonstration of how to make Tortelli di Erbette. Tortelli is sort of like ravioli except that it has three pinched sides and one folded side whereas ravioli has four pinched sides.