Carol & John Llewellyn
St. Petersburg banner
Russia & Poland 2002
Back to Russia, a first visit to Krakow, and a sobering view of Aushwitz. It's a long way from LA to St. Petersburg. Leaving LAX at 7pm on , here's what it looked like as we began our decent into Saint Petersburg on Sunday (landing at 10:30 pm).
Saint Petersburg Krakow, Ausch & Birkenau
Designed to be the capital of Russia, Saint Petersburg is full of palaces, churches, and monuments tell of its past glories as reflect the power of the czars. Krakow became a part of the Kingdom of Poland 992. It has had a long and interesting history. Krakow gained some as the home town of the late Pope John Paul II. Reading about the Nazi of Jews, political prisoners, and others is sobering.Visiting one of the concentration/death camps gives reality the horrors expressed in writings.