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Other Stuff at Fort 4Ls

Yes, we're gone from the Fort, but the stuff that happened there is part of our history!

There's always something...whether it's weddings, critters of various sorts at Fort 4Ls, or other stuff.
Rick & Julia come for the parade 2010 > Rose Parade float Etta & Bill visit LA 2014
pit for grindng olives < 2009 La Purisima Mission, north of Santa Barbara, CA metambre for Thanksgiving dinner 2009 < Thanksgiving at Camp 4Ls 2009
Cooking on  Christmas 2008 > chicken on Christmas '08 Dan and Sharon arrive for New Year's festivities > Dan and Sharon
hawk < wildlife at the Fort polar bears < San Diego
Huntington Library > bee at flower the books > SGYW cover
Sharon & Dan < Sharon's & Dan's wedding our wedding < our wedding
From time to time on trips, we take photos concentrating on a theme. Here are links to some of those pages...
manequin < manequins in Greece green door < doors of Paros
shoes in Paris > shooes London taxis > taxi