Carol & John Llewellyn
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Holidays 2009
Our tradition has been to try something different for Thansgiving dinner each year. Though we fudged a little this year by having turkey on Thanksgiving Eve, we did hold up the tradtion on Thanksgiving Day by cooking an Argentine dish called "metambre." Depending on what you choose to believe from the internet, that either is a contraction of two words giving it the meaning of "kill hunger" or it means "shoe leather." Take your pick...
adding spinach carrots and cheese Start with a marinated flank steak that has been thoroughly flattened. Add spinach, then rows of carrots and sausage.
adding cheese add more spinachSome cheese follows (far left) and then the rest of the spinach goes on top. (left)

Tie the package up with string (below left) and bake. Make red pepper sauce to go on top. (below middle)

After a rest, the metambre is cut...

tie it up with string red pepper sauce slices of metambre
serving metambre on plate sit down and enjoyServed with some colorful scalllped pototoes, and dinner is served!