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Spike and Spotless
The Dogs
My life was a little unsettled in 2002, so I decided to get a dog. I searched far and wide, high and low. Finally, it was love at first sight—Spike was the dog for me. Or, so I thought. But, living in a ficle world, I soon found out there were other critters. So, the dogs are below, but the others are here: critters.
So, here's good ol' Spike. He was easy to housebreak, doesn't whine or bark a lot, isn't a finicky eater, and is very obedient—always stays where I tell him to stay. Hard not to love such a character. Was he the perfect dog? Not quite as he's really not too cuddly. Not only that, but it turned out that he has a terrible fear of flying, so he couldn't go on trips as a companion.

What to do? Get another dog of course!
And, that leads us to Spotless. My daughter, Sharon, thought I needed a dog with a softer side. So, she sent me a dog. Remember those 1st grade readers that said things like "See Dick run" and "See Spot run."? The dog was always named Spot—probably because it had spots on it. Well, this number two dog doesn't have any spots so it seemed perfectly natural to call him Spotless. Turns out that Spotless does like to travel.

The adventures of Spotless.

There is one thing, however, that all the critters (and people) at Fort 4Ls agree upon: NO CATS! All residue (we hope) of them has been removed. Carpeting has been replaced—smells and stains are gone.

The consensus here is that cats are only good for the "3Ps"—poop, pee, & puke!