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Adventures of Spotless 2006
Spotless in bike bag Spotless with Blackberry Spotless at keyboard
(above left) Like any dog, nothing is better than putting your face in the wind to catch the smells—and it's even better if someone else is pedaling the bike! (above center) Spotless checks email on his Blackberry before departing from LAX. (above right) Shipboard, he checked his email via satellite; this is one connected puppy. Sorry, but we're not giving out his email address. (below left) Spotless visits the bakery. (below center) he guards the phone onboard ship (of course, no one ever called). (below right) Spotless pays close attention to what everyone is eating.
Spotless in bakery Spotless on phone Spotless with food
Spotless in bread basket Spotless with Scotch Spotless on ship rail
(above left) Spotless claims he was just checking things out, but we think he was actually eating the bread before anyone else got to it. (above middle) Spotless' official story was that he was just guarding the drink, but that didn't answer the question of why some of it was gone. (above right) Spotless takes a look at the port on Amorgos. (below) Having been at the controls of a diesel engine in the Canadian Rockies, Spotless figured that running a ship would be a snap. Fortunately, the captain was never far way.
Spotless at the helm of the Calisto Spotless at the wheeel Spotless at ship controls
Spotless with wine glass Spotless in glass Spotless in airport lounge
(above left) Spotless can't quite figure out how to get up to that glass. (above middle) In one try, he got his two front feet stuck in the glass. (above right) But, with a lot of extra hours in the lounge at Heathrow, the pup did figure out how to get where he wanted to go!