Carol & John Llewellyn
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Adventures of Spotless 2004
Spotless had such good memories of his first trip to Italy that he was eager to go back—even if he had to be part of a threesome. Of course, he felt right at home in the top cabin of the Lufthansa 747 (below, left) During the plane change in Frankfurt, he was happy to ride from plane to plane on Carol's shoulder (below, left) Fortunately, the EU immigration people have a sense of humor!
The first part of the trip was biking in the Parma area. Spotless took turns riding with Carol and John so that neither of us would feel left out. However, he did study the map every night to make sure that we'd take the right route the next day.
After biking, there were eight wonderful days in Venice. Spotless liked that, but thought there were too many pictures of him from previous trips with wine and beer. So, here's the way Spotless would like you to think he traveled as a teetotaler (as if anyone would believe that!).