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Miles Traveled
Most of our around the world journey on the specially configured Boing 757. With air miles between LAX and Orlando, and a few commercial or charter flights, we traveled over 40,000 miles. Too bad all of those weren't frequent flier miles!
Los Angeles Intl. to Orlando Intl.* 2,210
Seridan Intl., Orlando to Lima, Peru 2,975
Lima, Peru to Cusco Peru* 364
Cusco to Lima* 364
Lima to Easter Island, Chile 2,383
Easter Island to Apia, Samoa 4,204
Samoa to Cairns, Australia 2,989
Cairns to Siem Reap, Cambodia 3,686
Siem Reap to Chengdu, China 1,352
Chengdu to Lhasa, Tibet* 765
Lhasa to Chengdu* 765
Chengdu to Agra, India 2,161
Agra to Kilimanjaro Airport, Tanzania 3,738
Arusha, Tanzania to Seronera Airstrip, Serengeti° 146
Senorera to Kilimanjaro Airport° 171
Kilimanjaro to Aqaba, Jordan 2,463
Aqaba to Marrakech, Morocco 2,839
Marrakech to Sheridan Intl., Orlando 4,577
Orlando to Los Angeles* 2,210
Total Miles 40,361
* Commercial flight
° Other charter
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