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Hawaii 2009
The first week of February is our week to ski...this year was no exception, we were all set to return to Snowmass. However, do to some clumsiness, one of us ended up wearing a knee brace that made putting on skis a bad idea (you can figure out who that was from the photos). The consolation prize was Maui—not too bad!. Great sunsets, too many whales to count, good food, and interesting sights.
Maui sunset
Carol on beach Maui moon beach near Grand Wailea
sugar refinery canoe at Mama's Fish House
(top) Carol on beach in front of Mama's Fish House. (above) Last sugar refinery on Maui. (below) Carol in cemetery adjacent to Keawalai Church (above) Maui moon just before sunrise. (below) Getting ready for dinner on Maui. (above) Canoe on beach. (below) Humpback whale near Maui coast at twilight. (bottom, middle and right) Some people really know how to decorate their ride!
Carol in cemetery John grilling whale off Maui coast
Carol in churchyard cemetery truck with junk truck with junk
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