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Hawaii 2009
Big Island
kohala coast (kona), big island
The trip to Maui was the consolation prize for not skiing, so Rome and Florence needed to be cancelled for the same reason. Although John had shed his stylish knee brace, walking was still a problem. The big question was "Where to go?" We ended up back at one of our favorite "time shares" on the Kohala Coast of the Big Island. Though we had a wonderful residence (second row) we we drawn back to Hualalai for more than one lunch! (below)
Carol bridge at Hualalalai John
residence Carol by pool Carol in Kitchen
bridge with falls in background water fall
(above, left & middle) Akaka Falls. (below, left & middle) Kelauea volcano filled the sky with "vog" on many days. The vog was so intense and dangerous that half the road around the calera rim was closed. (Vog is a volcano's version of smog). (above right) The beach at Hualalai. (below, right) Waipo Valley's coast line.
Kiauea caldera Big Island coast
Chinese cemetery Chinese cemetery Chinese cemetery
And, as usual, we couldn't help but stumble upon a cemetery or two. This one was an old, but stil active Chinese cemetery built up the side of a hill, about ten miles out of Hilo
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