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Rockies 2008
Yes, this is skiing country but the trip was in the summer. (left) Mountain Village. (middle) The easy way to the market or Telluride). (right) Carol, Sharon, & Dan after lunch in Telluride.
Mountain Village pond gondola at mountain village Carol, Sharon, & Dan in Telluride
Carol, Sharon & Dan
manequin in Telluride Telluride from gondola
(above) Dinner at our condo. (below) On the San Miguel River trail. (Above) A Telluride statement of fashion. (above) On the gondola heading down into Telluride. (below) San Miguel River trail.
Dan, Sharon, Carol, & John on trail Sharon, Dan, & Carol on River trail Telluride, CO
Dan & Sharon Sharon & John John & Spotless
(above) On the San Miguel River trail. John and Spotless having espresso after lunch
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