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Telluride 2008
Telluride Mountain
Although beautiful in the summer, Telluride is also well known as a ski mountain. Without the snow, the ski mountain is a great place to hike.
Telluride, CO Telluride, road on ski mountain view from top of Tellurdie ski mountain
Telluride airport trail on Telluride mountain Carol on trail
(above, left) The Telluride airport sits on a plateau—not a great landing place for the feint at heart. (above, middle & right; below, left & middle) The trails meander around the mountain.
trail John on trail Telluride, CO
Carol on trail ski lift building at top of gondola
(above, left) Trails wind through trees and meadows. (above, middle) you're never too far from reminders that this is a ski mountain. (above, right) Building at top of ski hill. (below, left) Main street in Telluride. (below, middle) Ski lift. (below, right) Throughout Telluride are many reminders that this is a historic mining town.
Telluride ski lift old bottles in window in Telluride
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