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Telluride 2008
Bear Creek Trail
Another hike—this time along the Bear Creek trail. Though rain was threatened, it didn't actuall hit until we were almost down the hill. But our spirits weren't dampened and the scenery was beautiful. One of the rocks, though, had a creepy resemblence to Darth Vader!
Telluride from bear creek trail John on Bear Creek trail with camera Carol & Sharon on trail
(above) Telluride (below) Sharon on the trail (above) John, Carol, & Sharon on the Bear Creek trail.
Sharon on trail flower Bear Creek trail
Bear Creek trail John on Bear Creek trail Darth Vader look alike rock
(above & immediately below) Sharon & Carol on the trail. (bottom) Carol having lunch at the falls. We didn't get back quite in time to miss the rain (bottom). (above) Someone from Star Wars? (below) Bear Creek falls.
Carol & Sharon on Bear Creek trail Bear Creek trail Bear Creek Falls
Carol eating lunch at Bear Creek Falls Carol and Sharon in the rain




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