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Christmas in London 2007
Once known for its distinctively shaped black taxis, the cabs now come in all colors and are decorated with a myriad of ads. (below left) The classic shaped cab in red. (below middle) This isn't a city we would want to bike in! (below right) Classic shape and black, but a smaller version.
"The only nonstop airline to Muscat" "Dial a Cab" "Feel it best on Kingfisher"
"India's favorite airline now flies to Heathrow"
"Give your ISA Neptune acceleration" "8GB It holds more memories than you can remember" (SanDisk) "Knowledge never sleeps."
"Canary Wharf Shopping" "Pace yourself - drink slowly" "Business friendly"
Corona beer bottle "A love for life. Hungry for Culture? Budapest is B'est!" "Catch me...if you love me
Bond Street & Harrods"
"Royal Air Force Reserves" "Winding down - step by step. It's got to be Austria." "The fastest way to Heathrow is via Paddington. Heathrow express"
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