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Lanai 2008
Koloiki Ridge
Beginning from the Lodge, which is near Lana'i City in the middle of the island, we set out on the Koloiki Ridge Hike. Much of the hike is actually on the Monroe Trail which is a four-wheel-drive only road on the spine of the island's main mountain. The end of the trail is a lookout point over the Maunalei Gulch—a big canyon stretching out to the sea.
pine trees pine trees
(above, left and middle) Pine trees were introduced to the island by George Munro. (right) Carol with Maunalei Gulch in the background.
cemetery on Lanai John Lanai
Of course we found the cemetery! Yes, those green bottles around the grave are most likely Heineken. And, also yes, there are six solar powered lights—plus solar powered audio! (above) Clouds were coming in, but we still had spectacular views of the Maunalei Gulch. (below) The Munro Trail portion of the walk was through rolling terrain. Fortunately, we got back to the Lodge just before the rain began.
Lanai cemetery Koloiki trail John
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