Carol & John Llewellyn
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Hawaii 2008
We return to Hualālai. Once again, we return to the Hualālai Resort on the Kona coast of the Big Island. Great sunsets, walks, food, & atmosphere.
sunset Carol John
fish wrap Carol sunset
John at beach Carol at golf course John & Carol
(Above)John on the beach, Carol getting a drink of water on the golf course (no we haven't started playing the game), and us returning from our morning walk.(below)Wild life from ducks(left), mounds from sand crabs(middle), and Kings Pond at dusk.(bottom row)Carol and the eagle rays still get along well.(middle)five sea turtles on the beach (mouse over them if you can't find all five), and(right)fish in Kings Pond (underwater photos to be posted later).
Ducks sand crab mounds on beach Kings Pond
Carol & eagle rays five sea turtles King's pond fish
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