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Low Country 2008
Charleston is on a bay (below left) with park areas along the water (below right). The older area of the city is a preservation district with controls over all building activity (below middle).
Charleston shore line Charleston Carol in Charleston
Charleston John in Charleston Carol & John
low country cuisine low country cuisine Low country cuisine
Charleston is becoming a foodie "meca." (above left) A traditional Southern dish: cheese grits with shrimp and spicy sausage at the restaurant S.N.O.B—standing for Slightly North Of Broad. (above middle and right) Two different versions of crab cakes.

Savannah is known for the beauty of the city's layout. With large, landscaped public squares throughout the city, it's never a far walk to a park.

Carol in Savannah Savannah canon
Savannah squre Savannah Savannah
And, on the outskirs of Savannah, there is the Bonaventure Cemetery.
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