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Low Country 2008
Kiawah Island
Off to Kiawah Island, just south of Charleston, South Carolina. Our house had its own dock and an infinity pool overlooking the creek. The island has miles of beach, roads, and waterways.
dock on creek looking over infinity pool
Kiawah Island Kiawah beach
Kiawah Island beach danger aligator sign aligator
dinner at Kiawah Island John Dolphin
Julia and Rick visited us for a few days and joined us for bike rides, good times, and an occasional toast!(above left). With knives too dull to sharpen with the steel, the only use John could make of it was to break up the ice so he could chill the wine (above middle). (above right) Though the photo is somewhat reminiscent of the Loch Ness monster photo, this is a "grab shot" of a dolphin swimming in the creek in front of the house.
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