Carol & John Llewellyn
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We returned to Yellowstone to see John's brother, Rick, and his wife Julia. As with our previous trip Delta airline was a problem, but we dealt with it ("Getting there…" tab (above) The following day we set off to see Daisy Geyser and ate lunch while waiting for it to errupt (left) Since there are two right hands showing in the (middle) photo, guess Rick must be hiding better than Julia. Our wait is rewarded with a beautiful steam cloud (yes, it's actually water vapor not steam if you can see it) (right)
Waiting for Daisy Geyser Carol Daisy Geyser
Carol at Morning Glory Pool hot water with colored algae Morning Glory pool
After lunch, we walked and saw more steaming pools and hot running water with all shades of algae. (left and right) Morning Glory Pool. Crossing the highway, we set off on the trail toward Mystic Falls (below left and middle)(right) The Firehole River winds through a meadow.
John & Carol Carol & Julia at begiinning of trail to Mystic Falls meadow on Firehole River
The llight on Mystic Falls was very dramatic (below left and middle) Carol and Julia led the way back to the car (right)(bottom row) We shared Rick & Julia's Friday night tradition of lobster and artichokes.
Mystic falls John at falls Carol & Julia on way back to car
Julia with artichoke lobster Carol
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