Carol & John Llewellyn
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Yellowstone 2007
Lonestar Geyser
(left) Saturday—time for a picnic! Fruit, cheese, salami, bread, and a little vino. Rick cuts the salami (middle) Julia and Carol have had a little of the vino rosso (right) After lunch, (second row) it's off on a hike to the Lone Star Geyser—although it only errupts every three hours, it is reported to be second only to "Old Faithful." (second row, right) Julia and Carol check out the register of Lone Star's activity.
cheese, salami, and fruit Rick cutting salami Julia & Carol at picnic
off the trail
on the trail to Lone Star Geyser
Julia & Carol looking at log book
Rick, Carol (studying the map), & Julia Lone Star Geyser the river
(above, left) Carol studies the map. (middle) Lone Star spits. (right) The trail crosses the river. (below, left & right) Lone Star errupts. (bottom right) Sunset over the Firehole River.
Lone Star Geyser Lone Star erupting
sunset on Fountain Paint Pots
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