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Yellowstone 2007
Getting there...
. . . was challenging . . .

When we traveled to Yellowstone to see Rick and Julia two years ago, we ran into trouble with Delta connections in Salt Lake City. The wrong gate information was posted on the airport monitors, so we missed the flight. This time, it was different. Delta actually told us in LAX that we wouldn't make the connection, so they would put us up overnight in Salt Lake City. Not liking that option, after some phone calls we arranged for another way to get to West Yellowstone. As it turned out, we could have made the connection and (left) watched the Delta flight to West Yellowstone follow our plane onto the runway! (middle) Carol waiting for the van shuttle to go to the general aviation terminal. (right) John & Spotless on the plane.
Delta / SkyWest plane Carol in Salt Lake City airport John & Spotless on plane
on approach to West Yellowstone airport Carol John leaving plane
(left) On approach to land in West Yellowstone. (middle) Carol relaxing on the short flight. (right) John leaving the plane after landing. We were out of the airport with our rental car before the Delta flight was even in sight!
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