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Biking in Loire 2007
The flights were uneventful, so John was quite relaxed at the plane change in Dulles (left) We arrived at the Charles de Gaul airport in time to catch the train to Tours—thus avoiding driving in the Paris morning rush hour traffic (middle) A short cab ride from the train station and we were at the Château Belmont (right) —on the edge of Tours and with a Michelin one-star restaurant, Chez Jean Bardet.
John in Dulles lounge John in train station Hotel Jean Bardet
Loire river Carol Tours street
Although it was an overcast, gray day, (left) we found Pl. Plumereau in the old city (right) and settled in for lunch (middle) The next day, we began to explore the old city (below middle) and the (below left and right) Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Carol Tours street Museum Beaux-Arts
gargoyle cathedral staircase in church
(Above and below left) Cathedral of St. Gatien. Of course, we had to eat at the Jean Bardet restaurant (below middle) The sun finally came out on the Loire River, but we were to have many sunshine challenged days ahead (right)
Cathedral Carol Loire river
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