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biking in Loire valley 2007
France 2007
Biking in the Loire Valley followed by a few days in Paris.
Loire river Tours Chateau Villandry garden Biking, Day 1
Domaine de la Tortinière to Château de Brou
ruins of church Biking, Day 2 Château de Brou loop
Chateau du Rivau Biking, Day 3 Château de Brou to Château du Rivau and Richelieu Entonneurs Robelaisien medal Induction into Entonneurs Robelaisiens John on road Biking, Day 4 Château du Rivau to Chinon and return
l'Abbaye de Verrieres roof detail Biking, Day 5 Château du Rivau to Château de Verriès hanging basket Day 6 touring Saumur Arc d'e Triomphe Paris The "City of Lights"
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