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Biking in Loire 2007
Day 6: Samur
Friday: Saumur
Carol in museum flower baskets hanging above street in wine museum
Time for honesty: The last day was scheduled to be a "century" ride—that's 100 kilometers through hilly terrain. We decided to tour Saumur instead. Turned out to be a good decision because it rained off and on during the day. First, we went to the French Cavalry Museum (above left) Then wandered through the city until the wine museum caught Karen's eye (above right) At times, the weather was great and the Loire River (below left) looked great. Other times, it poured. The tourists who took the horse-drawn wagon tour ended up seeing more umbrella than city (below right)
Loire River Karen and Carol on street in Saumur tourists in horse drawn wagon
Carol & John in Saumur Chateau Saumur
(above left & middle) Château de Saumur. (above right) A rainbow appeared late in the afternoon. (below left & center) The Château de Verrieres's parlor and grand staircase. (below right) At the closing dinner. (bottom row) Our guides, Karen and Antoine perform a parody of the Entonneurs Robelaisiens ceremony. (bottom right) John has taken the pot off his head and Carol has assumed control of the spoon.
Chateau living room staircase Carol & John
table setting John & Carol
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