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Biking in Loire 2007
Day 3: Château du Rivau
Tuesday: Château de brou to château du rivau (26km) and richelieu loop (28.6km)
French countryside John on bike forest road
(left) Off into the mist from the Château de Brou, through the countryside (middle and right)
Chateau du Rivau spiral staircase bedroom
(left) We arrive at the Château du Rivau in time for lunch. The Chateau has been under renovation for over 13 years, but it looks like the work may not be half done. We are assigned a room at the top of the main tower (right) It is 94 steps up a spiral staircase to get there! (middle) (below left) the view of the main courtyard from our room. (below middle & right) Artwork in the chateau owner'srooms.
chateau courtyard Chateau du Rivau Chateau du Rivau
church in Richelieu Carol John
(left) After lunch, we hitched a ride to Richelieu, then biked back to the Chateau du Rivau (middle) Carol succeed in finding the train museum (right) (below left) we had to share the road with farm equipment in the countryside on the small roads we took back. (below middle & right) A private lake on the way back.
farm tractor John lake
After our induction into the Entonneurs Rabelaiseiens, we headed off to dinner at another Michelin highly rated restaurant, Au Plaisir Gourmand (left and middle) (right) The chef came out to describe the meal, but didn't realize he'd forgotten a course!
kitchen restaurant chef explaining dinner
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