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Biking in Loire 2007
Day 2: Château de Brou Loop
Monday : château de brou loop (52.5km)
John Carol & John troglodite houses
Another overcast day, but we're off down a gravel road (left and middle) to see the troglodyte houses (right) We pass the troglodyte chapel of "Notre Dame de Lorette" (below left) where Joan of Arc took shelter from a storm on her way to Chinon. Carol pauses next to a statue of Joan of Arc (below middle) Getting off a busy road, we bike past the ruins of a château (below right)
troglodite house Carol with Joan of Arc statue Carol on road
lunch down hill John with cows
(left) Time for lunch! Then, after a brief exploration of Crissay-sur-Manse (below left) it's off again back down into the valley (middle) We're still trying to understand why the cows thought John was so interesting (right)
(bottom left and middle) We return to the Château de Brou for a great meal and stories of our exploits.
Crissay-sur-Manse Carol with map John on bike
Chateau de Brou back at Chateau de Brau dinner
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