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Italy 2006
Carol in car
Our first driving adventure was to Siena, a popular hilltop city (above). Carol drove (left) while John navigated. We got to Siena without a problem. (right) Siena
stained glass window
Siena is known for its cathedral or "Duomo" (right) The museum next to the Duomo has statuary in addition to stained glass (left)

One of the distinguishing features of the Duomo, interior and exterior, are the alternating stripes of light and dark marble.

Our first task in Siena, though, was food (and wine). So we found a little trattoria in a "bucca." (below)
John in Siena
Siena restaurant Outside Siena Cathedral
Duomo Siena It was conceived to be much larger than it is.The ambition of the architect shows in the arches that were to have been part of the interior of the sanctuary.(above)

After visiting the Duomo, (two left photos) we climbed to the top of a tower to view the city. (above left)
Siena town square One of the most popular hilltop cities in Tuscany, Siena is known for it's large town square and the annual horse races around that square (left)

If any two people were going to just happen upon a monument maker, it had to be us. But, this guy had a sense of humor. (far left)






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