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Italy 2006
Although many visitors to Florence only take a day to see "all" the "important" sites, we like to absorb a city. So, over the course of a week, we wandered around and saw things many would miss—as well as have the opportunity for more Tuscan food and wine!

( right) Carol is always smiling! (far right) The copy of David in Piazza Signoria. (below) Carol and Spotless in the courtyard of Palazzo Ricci. (below middle) One of the Roman gateways to the city. (below, right) Mopeds are common, and fast!
Carol David
Carol & Spotless Roman Gate bike rider
buggy ride Carol
(above, left and middle) Yes, it is touristy, but we did take a horse-drawn wagon ride through the city. (Below) a pause from sightseeing. (below) Carol descending the steps of a private mausoleum in Florence. The last night in Florence ended with a beautiful dinner, a stroll through the city, and a magnificent sunset.
Carol in cemetery John





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