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Paros banner (octopus)
Greece 2006
We docked at Lefkes on the island of Páros which is the main maritime hub for the Cyclades. Although barren looking, it has vineyards for wine, orchards, and olive groves.
boats in port Carol looking in shop window John & Carol
We have some time to look around Lefkes before starting the hike to Piso Lavadi. The hike takes off through the town, beginning on nice, paved pathways.
Lefkes Lefkes good path
El Pollo Loco sign  mexican food sign John in brush Prodromas
In Lefkes, we come across an unlikely restaurant—El Pollo Loco—obviously not part of the California chain, with a message, "Why don't you try something different toay, Mexican food here." Though some of the walking was on country roads (above right), some of it was on trails that weren't well maintained (above center). Once back in Lefkes, we had a great lunch with breen and shrimp saganaki—with a little Greek wine to wash it down.
lunch-fish wine bottle shrimp saganaki
final night entertainment octopus spiked hair look alikes
(above left) The last night we ate on the ship, we were entertained by local singers.
(above center) Octopus—what else can be said?
(above right) Some of our fellow travelers envied guide Sakis' spiked hair. Some could do it on their own, but some had to resort to cut out postit notes for the effect. We left Lefkes for an overnight sail back to Athens.
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