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Greece 2006
Starting from Kastro, we head to Apollonia and then loop back to the far side of Kastro on an ancient marble pathway.
beginning hike on Sifnos Carol descending on trail Kastro
(above left) Some of the walk is through small towns and other parts (above middle) are on rougher terrain. (above right) Apollonia in the distance where we stop for coffee (below middle). If Spotless finds out that dogs drive in Greece, he'll be impossible to live with! (below right) The ancient marble path back to Kastro.
dog in car coffee & cookies smooth trail
trail on Sifnos bee hives hikers leaving trail
What's that buzzing sound? It's either from the beehives (above middle) or from the hornet's nest in the wall. Either way, once a few folks got stung, the rest of us left the path, clamored over walls & through fields to avoid the pests (above right). Of course, we did find the Kastro cemetery (below left) before stopping for a baklava cooking demonstration. Then we descend to the shoreline where the Calisto has moved to pick us up by zodiac after everyone has had a swim. Then, it is off to Paros.
cemetery in Kastro baclava demonstration Calisto arriving
  Carol descending to Calisto  John on trail  swimming  sunset
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