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Greece 2006
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Lunch is over, we've explored the city and now it is time to board a bus for a late afternoon visit to the Hozoviótissa Monastery—a thousand year only building perched on a cliff face, halfway up a 1,640' cliff.
monastery build in cliff Saki tells about the monastery monastery
The building is barely 16 feet deep and is eight stories high, with small windows providing light. In the 20th century, a stairway was hewn out of rock, replacing the old wooden ladder. Occupied virtually without interruption for over a thousand years, this is one of the great sacred sites of the Aegean. (below left) The sun is setting on coastline below the monastery. (below center) The steps leading to the monastery. (below right) We just catch the last view of the sun as we head back to the Calisto.
coast below monastery steps to monastery sunset
Back on board the Calisto, we are treated to the creativity of our chef and a wonderful barbeque. We trade tales of our adventures with our Greek guide, Sakis (lower left).
snake made from cucumber and other vegies Chicken made from oranges food on table
Saki, our Greek guide doll made from eggplant wine bottle wine bottle
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