Carol & John Llewellyn
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Greece 2006
Our first stop after leaving Rhodes on the Calisto was the island of Symi. Also, it was the most difficult hike of the trip. Nine hundred steps up through the city of Agios Emilianos, then climbing up a goat path, across the top of the island, and (finally) descending to Pedi where the Calisto had moved to meet us.
Symi from ship
sponge lesson
(above left and center) Cruising into Symi. (above right) A lecture about sponges. (below left) Locals performing on the Calisto. (below center and right) The march up the 900 steps of Symi begins.
musicians Carol on steps steps in Symi church in Agios Emilianos, Symi
Symi harbor from hill view from above Symi John at top of hill goat path
John & Carol resting on rock east side of SymiGreat views of the harbor faded into hiking on a goat path—with real goats, of course. Then a decent through shale rubble to the Calisto and a zodiac trip to make it back on board.
Calisto coming around island
John plodding along
walking down to Calisto
back to the Calisto via zodiac
wine bottle
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