Carol & John Llewellyn
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skiing 2006
Crested Butte
at the ice bar restaurant So, what do we do besides ski?
(Left) lunch at the Ice Bar Restaurant (note that three of us still have our ski boots on!) (right) Joanne has part of her lunch packed "to go"—well, to carry while skiing down the hill. (below left) Carol marks off the runs conquered that day (below center and right)
Take some food home
marking the trail map Paul Joanne

Once again, Joanne and Paul were wonderful hosts. So, we decided to make dinner for them one night. They sat back with glass of wine while we chopped and pounded. (above, center and right)
(below left) The view from Joanne & Paul's guest room.
(all others) Cooking, eating, and cleaning up!

looking up the valley carol cooking cooking
dinner carol John dinner
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