Carol & John Llewellyn
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Hawaii 2006
Big Island
John with mai tai statue of King Kamehameha Carol with mai tai
(above left & right) The Orchid hotel was right next to our house, so we ventured over to try their mai tais. (above center) Statue of Kamehameha. (below left) Coast at Pololu Valley. (below center) John thinking about walking on the wall in the fish ponds. (below right) Carol at the beach.
coastline Carol at beach
dirt road Carol on dirt road Carol at the "secret pool"
(above left and center) Venturing down a dirt road in search of the sacred site at Mo'okini Heiau, we encountered mud and water that would have sunk our car (don't tell Avis!). (above right) We find the secret pond that is deliberately left off maps of the ancient Hawaiian fish ponds at Mauna Lani. (below) One night we had a private chef come to ply her trade.
John & Carol first course appetizers
(below) But, the chef couldn't match our own cooking—a potato patty made of Russet and sweet potato, topped with a layer of spinach, and, finally, crowned with macademia nut crusted mahi-mahi.
Carol cooking John at dining table Mahi-mahi
Carol on trail Hawaiian pictograph sunset
One the patch to the pictographs. A pictograph replicated so tourists can make rubbings A Kona coast sunset...
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