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Yellowstone 2005
The Old Faithful geyser is to Yellowstone what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Amid the wildlife, natural beauty, and amazing geothermal activity, there is plenty of space for good food, a little wine, and fun with family. And, of course, the critters had to have their fun, too. Click for the guys in Yellowstone.
Delta Airlines, determined to demonstrate that they can be even more hostile than United, did manage to slam the door in our face for our connecting flight, despite having the wrong gate location posted on their monitors. (left) The plane we were supposed to take from Salt Lake City (move mouse over to see the plane we actually took) Undaunted, we arrived in time for the first of several wonderful picnics with Julia & Rick.
Evening barbeques by the Madison River were great. (left) Julia making salad. (right) Carol taking care of the critters. (below & under, left) Steaks cooking. (below, middle & right) a toast and bon apettit! (way below, middle & right) The Madison River at dusk and relaxing after dinner.
A Fourth of July wouldn't seem right without fireworks. Of course, since this is Montana, everyone has them. So, they're going off all around you as well as for the "official" West Yellowstone presentation...hmm, can bottle rockets take out a rental car? 
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