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San Diego wild animal park banner
January 2005 San Diego
Off in the rain to Rancho Valencia in San Diego for a warm, inviting casita with fireplace and private patios.

The next day, off to the Wild Animal Park with some effort as the road was flooded. With the cool weather, many animals were out. The sheep like to play "where's Waldo"-look at the middle picture below. The park was soaked from the storms, birds were drying their wings, Rhinos were pigging out as usual, and the giraffe was looking for a dry place to stand (and perhaps a photo op).

Old town has great Mexican food (and margaritas) and, of course, we found the old cemetery.

A trip to San Diego must include Balboa park and the Model Railroad Museum, but we also took in the conservatory.

On the way back to LA, took a gander (that's like a look, not a bird) at the Mission San Luis Rey.

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