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Crested Butte 2005

Another wonderful time in Crested Butte. Cousin Joanne was a wonderful, generous, & gracious hostess as always—but having Carol there, too, was a big plus! Carol became an amazing skier in just a few days.

The photos to the left show the actual peak of Crested Butte—in sunshine that we didn't always have.
(Below, left) After only a few days, Carol is doing linked parallel turns (it took me several years before I could do that!). (below, middle) We were actually able to ski together after a few lessons. As always, the views from Joanne's house are wonderful (below, right).
Well, Spotless remembers the Ice Bar from previous trips. So, when he was able to sneak onto the mountain (far left), he knew he was on track. Of course, this trip included his new pal Tony, who thought the Ice Bar would be great (left and below, right).
One evening, we took the snow cat to a dinner on the mountain. Wonderful views, great company, but Tony and Spotless got left at home (below, left and middle).
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