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Venice 2004

More exploration of the San Marco section of the city. While traversing a piazza, we saw a sign pointing to the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo—an amazing house with a circular tower(left).

Most people were just looking at it from the outside, but we decided to pay the toll and hike to the top. The reward for the climb was wonderful view of Venice(below). Looking across the rooftops we could clearly see the domes of San Marco(right).

Too many pigeons and people too friendly to 'em if you ask me(below, left)!

A pigeon makes itself at home. There were some unusual characters around town as you can see from this one Carol befriended(below, middle).

The "Bridge of Sighs" is one of the most famous sights in Venice(bottom, left). It was used to take prisoners from the prison on the right into the Doge's Palace for trial. The legend is that they would sigh as they were led back to serve their sentences.

Although known for its waterways, Venice actually has some parks and greenery. One of the parks is right next to the Grand Canal, near Piazza San Marco(below, right). Gondolas seem to be everywhere and this looked like a gondola parking lot(bottom, middle). Yes, Spotless was part of this exploration—actually, he found the park!The church of Santa Maria della Salute is one of the most famous views of Venice(bottom, right).

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