Carol & John Llewellyn
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Venice 2004
canal After crossing the city to the Fondamenta Nuova vaporetto stop, we headed toward Burano passing the cemetery Isle San Michele( right)and Murano(in the distance in the photo). Burano was known for its lace, but little of that is made there now. Burano is also known for its colorful buildings(below), not at all like Venice(left)or Murano. lagoon
Carol canal On Burano canal on Burano
Carol John After an amazing lunch of fresh fish in Burano(left), we headed back to Murano in search of a particular glass statue(bottom, left). We found it, but it was twice the price as on Piazza San Marco! Of course, they said it was a "deal." Back to San Marco to make the buy. Then another wonderful dinner(bottom, right)and a romantic gondola ride(bottom middle)—haveta do that in Venice.
glass statue John & Carol on gondola John & Carol in restaurant
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