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Parma Biking Friday June 17, 2004
Reggio Loop Ride via Quattro Castella 41.9 km
John & Carol And we were off to the foothills to see wine making, four castles, and the making of balsamico tradicionale. A warm day with more hills!

(below) After the tour of the winery, we set off on foot to climb the hill to see the making of balsamico tradicionale.
in winery walking up hill
countrysideAs we hiked up the hill (in our biking shoes), we got a great view of the valley and a real sense of how our bike ride had now entered the foothills.
wine casks
What you don't see in this picture are the bats that lived in the attic where these barrels of balsamico are stored!
Lunch ended with molto vechio (very old) balsamico on ice cream.
Carol & Spotless(left) Carol (and Spotless) are ready to pedal back to Reggio Nell 'Emilia.
(right) We didn't return to Reggio via the set route, so we ended up visiting a newer cemetery in Coviolo.
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