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Yellowstone was the first national park in the U.S. and is probably best known for the Old Faithful geyser.Tthe park has many wonderful things to see and is truly a treasure.
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone waterfallAmong dramatic waterfalls are the Upper (below) and (left) falls on the Yellowstone . Unlike the Grand Canyon that was created from millions of years erosion, this canyon was formed in a matter of days after a gigantic dam broke at the end of the ice age.


Yellowstone used to be known the aggressive bears that came up to cars begging for food. After of educating visitors and moving some of the bears to the back , bears are a less common sight. (left) a grizzly on the other side of the Madison River from us.


When you round the bend in car and come upon four bison (buffalos?) strolling up the road, know you're in Yellowstone.

(Below) Brother Rick & his wife, Julia, were my guides through Yellowstone.

Rick & Julia
firewordsSince it was 4th of July, fireworks were a must!
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