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Italy 2003
Towns & Countryside

Our cooking classes were held at the "locanda" we were staying in, Il Rotolone. (right)

When we weren't cooking, we did some sight seeing. The town of Bavagna is a small, charming city. (below) Bavanga and Gualdo Cattaneo (below right) are the closest towns to Il Rotolone. Gualdo Cattaneo is a very small hill-top city—not much there except the essentials: a convenience market and some other small shops.

Other adventures were to the town of Norcia to visit another cheese factory. This one was much larger & more commercially oriented than the one in Parma. (below) Norcia is also known as a source for truffles. In olden days, they used pigs to find the delicacy, but since pigs eat 'em when they find 'em, dogs mostly do the work now. Wonderful countryside. (below left)

(below left) Perugia and (below right) Assisi. Also, see Spotless' travel pictures to learn more about Assisi.
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